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SUN Credit Union has a dedicated staff to serve your needs. You can send email to their department or give them a call.  They are ready to answer your questions and help you get the most from YOUR credit union.

You can be sure that our staff is dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to each and every member's needs.



Date Employed

Patrick J. Mason  President/CEO 09/1995
Lynne Carr Director of Member Relations 09/2003
Nancy Perry Director of Lending 05/2013
Lesley Payne Director of Accounting Operations 09/1982
Sue Tilton Director of Payment Solutions 09/2014
Christina Younker Compliance Officer 08/2007
Frances Bates Loan Officer 02/2004
Daniel Perez Loan Officer 12/2016
Tee Beiling Accounting Operations Specialist 05/1996
Shirley Langford Marketing & Business Development Coordinator 01/2016
Sylvia Jeter Payment Solutions/Collections Assistant 05/2016
Sonya Lopushansky Member Services Assistant 05/1995
Yindia Quintero Member Service Representative Branch 01/2016
Shari Rowswell Teller 06/2015
Britney Sandoval Member Services Assistant 03/2017
Chanel Watson Member Service Representative 06/2010
Laran Williams Senior Member Service Representative, Branch 04/2007


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