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Dear SUN Credit Union Member,

On January 19th 2017, SUN Credit Union will be launching a new and enhanced version of Bill Pay. The new service will offer many new benefits and features including better cash flow control and the ability to accept electronic bills. You will be able to access Bill Pay through Home Banking, meaning you will now only have one username/password to access all account information. Best of all, the new bill pay features a new payment model where your account will be charged on the same day the biller receives the funds for your new payment!

The majority of your payees will also be automatically converted to the new system. In rare instances, a payee may not convert or the payee information maybe what you originally entered when you added your payee to the old bill pay system and not reflect any changes. We will do our best to ensure we have the most current address and account information but we will also need your help to make sure all of your payments process correctly. Once we have moved to the new bill payment service it will be very important that you login to the new site and ensure that all of your payee information is accurate.

If you currently use the single or recurring transfer option to a person or another financial institution, these features will no longer be available after January 18th, 2017. For transfers to a person or another financial institution when you launch the updated system, you will need to set up those payments as paying a person or company under the ‘Add a Bill’ tab.

Two years of payment history will be converted to the updated system. It is strongly recommended that, prior to January 19th 2017, you go to your current payment history and print any history you think you may need. Also, any payee without an address on the files will not convert, meaning scheduled payments and history will no longer be available for that payee. Our Member Services Department will also be able to access your history, however, this service may require a fee. You may contact us at 954.967.4441.

You are a valued member of SUN Credit Union. We thank you for your patience during this transition and we are confident you will be pleased with our new and enhanced Bill Pay.

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