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Date Employed

Patrick J. Mason  President/CEO 09/1995
Lynne Carr Director of Member Relations 09/2003
Nancy Perry Director of Lending 05/2013
Lesley Payne Director of Accounting Operations 09/1982
Sue Tilton Director of Payment Solutions 09/2014
Christina Younker Compliance Officer 08/2007
Frances Bates Loan Officer 02/2004
Daniel Perez Loan Officer 12/2016
Tee Beiling Accounting Operations Specialist 05/1996
Shirley Langford Marketing & Business Development Coordinator 01/2016
Sylvia Jeter Payment Solutions/Collections Assistant 05/2016
Sonya Lopushansky Member Services Assistant 05/1995
Yindia Quintero Member Service Representative Branch 01/2016
Shari Rowswell Teller 06/2015
Britney Sandoval Member Services Assistant 03/2017
Chanel Watson Member Service Representative 06/2010
Laran Williams Senior Member Service Representative, Branch 04/2007


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