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what is a credit unionWho Can Join?

Membership is open to...

  • Employees of City of Hollywood & Miami Shores Village
  • Businesses in the Chambers of Commerce of (including their employees, members, and students):
  • Real Estate professionals in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties
  • Immediate family members of SUN Credit Union members

Don’t fit into one of the categories above? You may still be eligible to join through one of our partner associations. Call us at 954.967.4441 to learn how!

How Do I Join?

Becoming a member is easy...

Stop by one of our branches and meet with a Member Service Representative to complete our Membership Application. Please bring with you:

  1. $10.00 ($5.00 one-time membership fee and $5.00 initial deposit to your account)
  2. Proof of eligibility (employee badge, membership card, student id, etc.)
  3. Your social security number
  4. Your identification (current state issued driver’s license or identification, passport, US Military ID)

Please note: If the address on your ID does not match your current address, we will also need “proof of residency” documentation showing your current address. Acceptable documents include a utility bill such as gas, water, electric, phone, cable, or your auto insurance card, pay stub, vehicle registration, or apartment lease agreement.

All members start with a savings (share) account. From there, you can open a checking account, apply for a credit card and/or loan, and much more. And once you are a member, if you keep your account in good standing, you’re always a member.

Why Should I Join?

What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union?

Credit Unions

Owned by Credit Union Members.

Credit unions are not-for-profit. Profits benefit members in the form of lower fees, better rates, and improved services.


Owned by Stockholders.

The primary goal of banks is to make a profit for stockholders.



Benefits of Membership

Competitive loan rates, higher deposit yields, and reduced fees are only a few of the many benefits you will receive with your SUN Credit Union membership.

Complimentary services include:

Member discounts include: