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Lease Alternatives

Better Than a Lease!

DrivingSense™ is a unique vehicle loan option, offering payments that are 40% lower than conventional financing. And it’s NOT a lease - you own it!

»» Lower monthly payments
»» No hidden and/or up-front costs
»» Pre-owned vehicles up to 5 years old qualify for DrivingSense™!
»» No early payoff penalty
»» Option to sell, trade, finance or return vehicle at loan maturity

Why Pay for the Whole Car?

Picture of a car cut in half showing the Guaranteed Future Value & Pay for what you use

Pay for what you use, it just makes sense...DrivingSense!

Example: Vehicle with a loan amount of $30,000, a loan term of 36 months and a Guaranteed Future Value of $16,500.

Loan Amount
Monthly Payments
*Payments 1-35 are $464.80 with a 36th payment of $16,500 (GFV)   

DrivingSense saves you $404.33 per month!

Visit our DrivingSense website to calculate and compare payments on YOUR selected auto.

Apply today! Complete a loan application online, call us at 954-967-4441, or stop by our office.

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