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Pelican Pennie Savers Club


Pelican Pennie Savers Club with a cartoon pelican characterHEY KIDS! Click on Pelican Pennie picture to the left to go to our new Pelican Pennie Interactive website for some fun games, puzzles & more!

If you are between the ages of 4 and 12 years old, then our Pelican Pennie Youth Saver Program is just for you!

Saving money is important and is the best way to get the things you want! So to help encourage you to save we created this cool program we think you'll really like!

So, how does the Pelican Pennie Savers Club work?

New Members: First you will need to open an account with us. Your parents can bring you in (don't forget we'll need a copy of your social security card) and with a New Member fee of just $0.05 and an initial $5.00 deposit you will be enrolled in the program.

Existing members: If you're between the ages of 4-12 we have automatically enrolled you and you don't have to worry about a membership fee or initial deposit. 

In addition, your account will earn Dividends (that's money we pay to you every quarter once your account balance goes over $100). The amount of the "dividend" you earn is based on the current savings rates and the amount of money you have in your account.

What are "Pelican Pennies" and How do I earn them?
For each "net" (that's the money you put into your account minus any money you take out) $5.00 deposit, you receive one "Pelican Pennie"

At the end of every "quarter" (that's every three months) we will figure out how many "Pennies" you have earned and we will mail you a "Pelican Pennie Voucher" along with the latest edition of the "Pelican Pennie Review" newsletter.

So now you are probably wondering what you do with the Pelican Pennies you earn, right!

Cartoon treasure chest fill of goldWell......You get to trade them in for PRIZES from Pelican Pennie's Treasure Chest of course!!!!
(which is located at the Hollywood Blvd location)


How do you spend the "Pennie Pennies" you've earned?
Well that depends on you!
You may choose to spend a single "Pennie" for one pick from Pennie's Treasure Chest (Limited to a maximum of five per visit.)


You may choose to save ten, twenty, thirty or forty "Pennies" and spend them for an even better prize from Pennie's Treasure Hut. (Limited to two picks per month.)

So, you will be getting FREE stuff just for saving your money! How COOL is that!

Now, go grab mom or dad and tell them you want to stop by the Hollywood Blvd Location today to check out the Pelican Pennie Hut and see all the treasures you can pick from!

 Kids club room at our main office


If you don't already have an account but you are ready to join go grab Mom or Dad and tell them to take you to SUN Credit Union to see a Member Relations Representative to sign you up today!

Visit our interactive Pelican Pennie Savers Club website for some Fun Puzzles & Games!

One more thing....you can check your account balance online and watch your savings GROW by logging-into Online (Home) banking (at the top left of the website), also while you're in there help us save a tree and enroll in E-Statements!

Still have questions, just give us a call at 954-967-4441.

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